5 Tips to Staging a Dining Room

 In Short Term Apartment Rentals

Staging rooms in your apartment, condo or home can help increase the selling price and entice buyers  or renters quickly. Start with the dining room and the next potential looker will say, “I want to live here!” If you are staging short-term apartment rentals, these tips will increase the appeal of the apartment to potential renters.

Staging doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow a few decorating rules and use some imagination.

TIP: Space is key. Make the room look as big as possible with simple colors and no clutter!


1. The Furniture

If your furniture is beat up or not the right size for the room you may want to consider replacing it.

  • Center the table under the chandelier if you have one. If you don’t, center the table in the middle of the room.
  • If you have an area rug, center it first and then center the table on top of it.
  • Remove any furniture that makes it hard to pull out a chair or walk around the table.
  • Remove any furniture that partially blocks door ways or walkways.
  • If your dining room chairs have fabric on them make sure they are clean and fresh looking. If they need to be replaced pick a pattern as opposed to a solid fabric.

2. Set The Dining Room Table

Set the table like a meal is about to be serve, but keep it simple.

  • Remove all leaves from the table and set only 2-4 chairs around the table.
  • If you use place mats and cloth napkins pick colors that coordinated with the room.
  • Use dishes that are modern and simple. Layer them for depth: dinner plate, salad plate and bowl.  dining room table set for staging
  • Use pretty glasses and tasteful silverware to complete the look.
  • Add some fake fruit to give the illusion of food.
  • A vase of flowers (real or artificial) in the middle of the table are a great touch. White tulips, roses, or daisies, just a few stems in an odd number, are simple and elegant.
  • It is also ok to not set the entire table, but use a stunning flower arrangement in the middle and let the buyers envision their own dinner party here.

3. Artwork and Decorations

Again, less is more and color coordination is important.

  • Remove all items from shelves. Pack away all knickknacks and personal items.
  • Remove all family pictures, kids’ art and anything else personal. You want the buyer to be able to envision themselves living here.
  • Paint the room a neutral color if it needs it. art for staging a dining room
  • Fix all curtain rods, light switches,  fixtures etc. that need fixing. You know, all those things you kept meaning to get to. Do it now!
  • Fix any holes or imperfections in the walls.
  • Pick one decoration theme through out the house and stick with it.
  • Hang simple, elegant artwork on the walls. Art used for staging is marketing and not the same as art you would choose to decorate your home.  Check out this article on Art for staging a home.
  • A potted artificial fern or other large plant in the corner gives the room an added lived-in touch.

4. Buffet or Side Board

If your dining room is large enough to have a buffet or sideboard, you can have fun with this while making it appealing to a buyer. These tips also work for a bar or counter with stools that may be located between the dining room and kitchen.

  • Hang a large print or attractive mirror above the buffet. Mirrors astaging a buffet tablere great for creating the illusion of more space while providing a nice decorative feature.
  • Think about symmetry and balance when decorating the top. Two matching lamps or candle sticks placed on either end work well.
  • For the middle, use items of varying heights.
  • Just like the table, add some fake food or beverages.
  • Also add some greenery like flowers or a plant.

5. What NOT to do When Staging a Dining Roomstaging a dining room

  • Don’t crowd the room with too much furniture.
  • Don’t use doilies or any other decoration that will date the room.
  • Don’t leave all of your dishes in the china cabinet. Choose a few pieces and spread them out. This will keep the look neat and tidy.
  • Don’t use more than 4 chairs around the table.
  • Don’t let the room appear dark. Open up (or remove) heavy curtains and turn on lights and lamps. This is also where a well placed mirror can help.
  • Don’t stuff unused art and items in closets or the basement. Potential buyers will be opening drawers and doors. It might be worth renting a storage unit to store your unused items, and it is a great opportunity to declutter and sell or donate your unwanted items. It will be less to move, too!

One More Thing

Every room should be staged with the same principles listed above. You want to create a space where a buyer or renter can see themselves living here. Good Luck!

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