Boston Nightlife: Stay Safe and Have Fun

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Boston Nightlife

The Boston nightlife scene is amazing and offers a wide variety of entertainment, dining, shopping, shows, and social outings. We want you to be safe and have a great time while visiting this amazing city. Here are a few tips for staying safe while out and about in Boston at night, or any big city. Have fun!

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Safety in NumbersGroup of girls

Don’t go out alone. It is much easier to look after each other in a group. Muggers and thieves often look for people who are alone and may appear to be intoxicated or not paying attention to their surroundings. Plus, the more the merrier!

Additional tip: Always walk in well-lit areas where other people are present.

Don’t Drink too Much

Avoid drinking too much, or if you have been, be sure that you have someone you trust with you who is sober. Alcohol severely impacts judgement and makes you stand out as a potential victim. Alcohol is a
contributing factor in many assaults, so take care so that it doesn’t cause you to be in a situation you cannot control.

walletKeep Track of Your Belongings

The following tips will help you hold onto your things while you are enjoying the Boston nightlife and help you avoid having things stolen.

Purses. Don’t hang your purse on the back of your chair or other places easily accessible to others.

Wallets. Keep you wallet in your pocket. An inside jacket pocket or front pants pocket is best and harder for pickpockets to gain access to.

Cash. Don’t carry a lot of cash, and don’t keep the majority of your cash in your purse or wallet. Tuck some of it away in a different pocket, a sock, or somewhere safe. If you are mugged and told to hand over your purse or wallet, you can do so without losing everything.

Jewelry. While it is tempting to wear your best for a night on the town, it is not a good idea to wear flashy and expensive jewelry and watches. This is a signal to thieves who may start to pay too much attention to you or start to follow you.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundingspay attention to surroundings

You can have fun and pay attention to what is going on around you at the same time. Remember the following things in order to stay safe:

Walk Confidently. Keep your head up, eyes forward and act you like you know where you are at all times. 

Stay in Well-lit Areas. Avoid alleys,vacant lots, wooded areas, and other short-cuts or secluded areas. These are usually not well-lit or heavily traveled. When ever possible, walk on the sidewalk. Walk close to the curb to, avoid doorways, bushes, and other potential hiding places.

 Cell Phones. Avoid talking on your phone or looking at your phone while you are walking outside at night. This is distracting and signals to muggers that you are not paying attention. It paints you as a target!
Headphones. Don’t turn up the volume so high that you cannot hear outside noises.

Using ATMs

Try to avoid using and ATM at night while you are out. If you have to, NEVER use one alone.  Have your companion stand behind you facing away from you to watch for anyone approaching. Be mindful of anyone watching you or following you when you leave an ATM.

Secure your cash and your ATM card in your purse, wallet or pocket before you leave the ATM.

Reporting a Crime

If you are mugged, DO NOT RESIST. Give the person what they are asking for and don’t start an altercation. Immediately report the crime and provide as many details as you can as to the description of the mugger, where they went and anything about their car, if you see that.

If you see a crime happening to someone else call 911 immediately.

a toast with glasses of beerBe Save & Have Fun

You don’t have to be afraid to go out and enjoy the Boston nightlife. Just be smart, pay attention, bring your friends along, and have fun.

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