Boston’s Bully Boy Distillers – Business is Booming!

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The Willis Brothers, Boston’s Bully Boy Distillers, are Upping the Cocktail Game and Business is Booming!

Growing up on a farm outside Boston, originally owned by their great grandfather, Will and Dave Willis made their own apple cider. Now they’re distilling spirits in a warehouse in Roxbury’s Newmarket neighborhood.

“Making cider was our intro into the idea of making our own thing. Our grandfather had a small farm in Sherborn, and we had a five-gallon cider press and would use it a lot as young kids. When we were in our late teens, we started experimenting with hard cider… we were intent on figuring out a way to make income from the land.”

In 2010, they started the company- the inspiration for the distillery name was from a horse named Bully Boy, owned by their great grandfather. They officially launched Bully Boy Distillers in Boston in June 2011- the brothers knew they wanted to stay in Boston. “We love Boston and Boston is a brand unto itself.”

The Willis brothers credit their booming business to “good timing because of the ride of the whole go-local thing… it permeates all aspects of consumerism. People sort of get what we’re about.”  They’ve also enjoyed a great reception from restaurants and from customers demanding local products.

Next up for Bully Boy Distillers?  They are expanding dramatically and rented an additional 8,000 square feet. The existing space will become a barrel house. and the new space will house a 750-gallon still (their current still is 150 gallons).  They also plan to open a tasting room- CHEERS!

Read more on Will and Dave Willis, including the farm vault and bootlegging history. 

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