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Boston Food Truck Season Begins!

With the arrival of spring, food truck season has begun again in Boston. Food trucks have become a big hit in Boston over the last few years! The amount of food trucks over the last few years has skyrocketed, and this year there are 15 new trucks added to the roster. There is a truck for every possible food you could want. Have a craving for some Mexican?  Tenoch has you covered. Grilled Cheese? Try Roxy’s Grilled Cheese! Are you bacon obsessed? Then The Bacon Truck is you go to!

You name it they have it. And this year, Boston’s newly elected mayor is pilot testing late-night eats by extending curfews for the trucks in certain areas, specifically near colleges. This is part of the mayor’s latest drive to extend the city’s hours and attract younger crowds.

The food trucks can be found at various locations around the city throughout the week but most of them can be found along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. On Sundays, starting in May, most of them can also be found at SOWA open market and other open markets in the area.

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