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Boston’s historic North End is well known around the city as the best destination for fine Italian restaurants and eateries. As the oldest neighborhood in Boston, there are many feasts and festivals held in the North End throughout the summer into early fall. Some of the most notable feasts include the Madonna Della Cava Feast, St. Anthony’s Feast, and the Fisherman’s Feast.

Madonna Della Cava

On the second week of August, The Madonna Della Cava Society of Boston’s North End holds a festival celebrating the miracle of the Madonna Della Cava. A cloth banner bearing the image of Madonna is carried in a procession through the North End. The feast has been held in the North End for several decades, going back to the first-generation Italians who settled in the North End.

The Fisherman’s Feast

Since 1910, The Fisherman’s Feast has been held every summer (mid-August) in the North End. The feast is a devotion to fishermen, and can be traced back to 16th Century Sicily. Some notable events include the opening night procession to Boston Harbor and the Sunday Grand Procession of the Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca.

Saint Anthony’s Feast

The Feast of St. Anthony has been celebrated in the North End since 1919. Held in late August, the feast celebrates St. Anthony with a 10-hour long procession. The feast brings thousands of people to enjoy the food of the North End, live entertainment, and religious events.

If you are staying in Boston at a short-term apartment rental this summer, the summer feasts of the North End are a must visit if you want to experience a unique Boston tradition while enjoying authentic Italian food.

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