Short Term Rentals Along Boston’s Freedom Trail

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Boston is an incredibly historic city with history dating as far back as the 1600s. The city preserves its rich history which means there are plenty of historical sites to see. The Freedom Trail is Boston is a 16 site tour which takes you thought the city’s history.

Due to the size of Boston, it is very easy to walk to all the destinations. Follow the trail for a 2-3 hour adventure into the city’s past. This trail, marked by a red line or brick, starts at the Boston Common and ends at the historic Bunker Hill Monument.

The trail leads you from the Boston Common to the Massachusetts State House, which is the current house of the state government. From there, you are brought to the historic Park St Church and then to Granary Burying Ground, where Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and other historical figures are buried. Down the street, the trail brings you to Kings Chapel and its historic burying ground. Located on the other side it’s the site of the first public school and a statue of Ben Franklin. Further is the site of the Old Corner Bookstore where The Scarlet Letter and other literary works were first published. As you make your way, you pass the Old South Meeting House, which played important roles in many revolutionary activities.

At the end of Washington St sits the Old State House. It was from the balcony here that the Declaration of Independence was read for the first time in Massachusetts. Sitting in front of this is the site of the Boston Massacre, a site of British aggression in which 5 colonists were killed. Not far from here is Faneuil Hall, a marketplace and meeting house.

Upon crossing the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the North End features the Paul Revere House built in 1680 and is the oldest building in Downtown Boston and was Revere’s home from 1770 til 1800. Further down Hanover St is the Old North Church which was the site of the signal used to alert of the approaching British; “One if by land, and two if by sea.”

Also within the North End is Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, the second oldest burial ground in Boston. Not far from here is “Old Ironsides” or the USS Constitution as well as the Charlestown Navy Yard. The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship still floating. The Navy Yard played significant roles in repairing and modernizing many ships during multiple wars.

Finally, you have reached the end when you get to the Bunker Hill Monument. This 221 foot tall monument marks the site of one of the first major battles in the Revolutionary War.

Boston is full of exciting history that extends far beyond this one trail. What better way to experience it all than to be immersed in the culture and history of what is Boston. Maverick Empire offers short term housing in many neighborhoods of this historic city, including Beacon Hill, which is steps from the Boston Common and State House. If you are interested in short term housing, call us today

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