Traveling From New York City to Boston

 In Boston Neighborhoods

Traveling from New York City to Boston is just 220 miles and you have so many options for travel! We recommend making at least a weekend out of your trip in Boston (you can make a day trip out of it but you will have a hard time deciding what to do, and will miss out on a lot).

We’ve listed the pros and cons of each mode of transportation to help you decide how to get here. Now you just need to figure out where you are going to get a bowl of chowder!

Driving from New York City to Bostonmap for driving from NYC to Boston

Driving from NYC to Boston takes about 4 hours. But, this doesn’t account for rush hour on either end or possible construction. Also, be prepared to pay tolls.

Here are the 3 most direct routes:

  • CT-15N and I-90 East
  • Just I-90 East
  • I-84 East

PROS: Sightseeing, stopping whenever you want, having your car in Boston, cheap, comfortable, control of the radio.

CONS: Traffic, parking, possible annoying road trip buddies.

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Flying from New York City to Bostonflying from new york city to boston

Flying from NYC to Boston takes about an hour and is the fastest way to travel (but that does not account for check in time, boarding, etc.) However, it is a very popular route for a lot of business people and vacationers, so there are a lot of inexpensive shuttle flights available. You can get a flight for around $150, and in some cases under $100 if you watch for deals. This can be cheaper and faster than a bus. You want to fly into Boston Logan Intentional airport. There are many options for ground transportation once you arrive.

PROS: Fast, fairly cheap, the cool view from the sky, no tolls to pay

CONS: Airport security, lost luggage, too many “road” trip buddies (who are strangers)

Traveling from New York City to Boston by Busnew york city to boston by bus

Traveling by bus is easy and affordable. It takes about 4.5 hours, depending on traffic and there are several bus lines and departures to pick from. You can get a round trip ticket for around $15 (maybe less). A good website to check out is

PROS: Cheap, lots of departure times, easy access to bus terminals, no tolls

CONS: slightly longer trip, not as comfortable as a car or train

Traveling from New York City to Boston by TrainNew york city to boston by train

Traveling by train can be quick and pretty stress free, but tends to be a bit more pricey than other travel options. Some train trips can take about 3.5 hours and some can take up to 5.5 hours. Trains are comfortable and Penn Station in NYC is easy to get to. Bostons’ South End Station is very nice and close to a lot of attractions in Boston.

Purchase tickets in advance on Amtrak’s website. For you last minute travelers you can buy tickets right at Penn Station.

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PROS: Comfortable, fairly fast, lots of departure times available, dining car

CONS: more expensive than other travel options

Staying in BostonNewbury Street Studio

Now that you have your travel plans figured out, where are you going to stay once you get to Boston? Just like travel options, you have many options to pick from that have varying levels of comfort and price. We recommend short-term apartment rentals to get the best experience in Boston. You have all the comforts and convenience of home, and you have several Boston neighborhoods to pick from.

Have a great trip!

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