5 Jobs that Offer More Work Life Balance

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Work life balance can be harder to find in a traditional office setting. One major factor: 24/7 connectivity. Smart phones and laptops are our umbilical cords to the office. On the flip side, these handy devices can help us work from home and create more flexibility in our work day.  We have more option for when and where we work. Definitely a double-edged, uh…..data plan?

stones balancingBefore we get into the best jobs for work life balance, let’s define it. Work life balance is not necessarily equal hours spent at work vs. at home. Some days are more hectic and busy and you will still have the occasional “late night at the office.” Achieving the balance comes from careful prioritization. In our busy world of constant doing, it requires actively choosing your private life as a main priority and making time for it.  It won’t happen if you don’t make it happen.

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Work Life Balance Careers

Here is a list of jobs and careers that use technology and non-traditional office setting to create better life work balance.

Real Estate Agenthome with for sale sign out front

Real estate agents, like any sales job, require a lot of energy and charisma. The Boston area real estate market is strong. Traditional home selling agents and short term Boston rental agents enjoy a decent work life balance.

They are on call a lot and many showings and closings happen on the clients’ schedules, but they do have control over their schedule and usually work in a team environment where group support is key to everyone’s success. And the payout of each sale or rental is usually very worth the effort.

data numbersData Scientist

What is a data scientist? They’re part mathematician, part computer scientist and part trend-spotter.   It is a field that took hold in the last ten years or so because analytics and big data is so important in the ever changing landscape of online marketing and global business. This is an emerging field and data scientists are highly sought after and paid well, creating an ideal situation for negotiating employment terms and benefits that ensure priorities and a life work balance.

Substitute Teacherjobs

Substitute Teachers are in a big demand and most school districts have a shortage of them. The pay is decent, usually on a per day basis, but usually doesn’t come with any benefits. The real benefit of being a substitute teacher is picking your own days, which schools and grades you want to work with, and getting all holidays and summer off. The work day also ends when school is let out, so this is often a great options for parents who have kids in school. They are home when their kids are.

Game Designer/Software Developer

Many jobs in the world of computer programming, gaming, and software development require many hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer. But, that computer doesn’t have to be in an office. It can be in your home. Many of these types of jobs offer full or part-time telecommuting options, and for some people that means more productivity. Also, companies who employ computer programmers are aware of the health risks of sitting at a compute for too long, so they create innovative work spaces and office perks for encouraging breaks, down time and creative thinking activities. Employees in these types of jobs often report that their work culture is one of the great things they love about their job.

Social Media Content Managersocial media apps

This is another type of job that can be done virtually from anywhere with a WiFi connection. SM Content Managers can work for one company in a full or part time capacity or they can work under contract for several companies at a time as a freelancer. Social Media marketing can’t be ignored in this day and age, and every company needs to have some sort of online presence. Oftentimes, this is an area where the company owner or managers don’t have the expertise or time to produce effective online marketing campaigns and create the content that goes along with it. Read: Blogging for other people. Every company needs a social media expert, even if they don’t know that they do.

Thinking of a career move?

Do any of these jobs sound appealing? Boston has a solid job market and you can earn higher than the national average in some key career areas. Come check out Boston as a your next career move and improve your work life balance in a city rich in culture, fine dining, outdoor fun and of course–balance!

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