FIRE!!! Apartment Renters Fire Safety Checklist

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If there is a fire, you may have LESS THAN 3 MINUTES to get out!

Attention apartment renters- do you know what to do?  Apartment fires have the potential to spread fire, heat and smoke throughout a building affecting the safety of all occupants.  This Fire Safety Checklist is a MUST-READ for all apartment renters.

Smoke Detectors

  • Are they placed in every bedroom and outside each sleeping area?
  • Are they checked monthly by pushing the test button- it should chirp?
  • Are the batteries changed at least once a year?
  • Are the detectors less than 10 years old- check with your landlord?

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Are they located on each level of the apartment?
  • Are the batteries changed at least once a year?
  • The detector should be less than 7 years old- if unsure then ask.

Kitchen Safety

  • Are flammable items out of the immediate cooking area?
  • ALWAYS stay in the kitchen while using the stovetop or microwave.
  • Don’t use the stove when tired, have consumed alcohol or have taken medications or drugs that cause drowsiness.

Appliance Safety

  • Check the outlet before plugging in- does the outlet feel warm?
  • Is only one heat-producing appliance plugged into an outlet at a time?
  • Are electrical cords in good condition- not broken or cut?
  • Do you clean lint from the dryer EVERY TIME?

Escape Plan

  • Do all windows and doors open easily?
  • Are there 2 ways out of every room?
  • Do you have an escape plan? and
  • Do you review it periodically with your roommates?
  • Have you designated a safe meeting place outside?

Always ask the landlord about specific fire policies for your apartment complex and if there is a fire sprinkler system in your apartment building.  Even better… check with your local fire department for any restrictions, especially on BBQ grills, fire pits or chimaeras on decks or patios.

See more fire safety prevention tips.

Do you have a fire escape plan or have you survived a fire? Please share your experience so others can be prepared!

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