Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Is your small bathroom cramping your style?

Small bathrooms don’t have to mean huge inconveniences. There are many ways to capitalize on tight spaces. Get creative!

Remove Closet  and Shower Doors

Anything that swings into a small space makes maneuverability harder. Removing closet doors eliminates this and makes the closet more accessible. But, since your closet is exposed now, it will force you to be more organized–or hide it behind a curtain. Either way works!

Replace shower doors that swing into the room with a shower curtain that slides back and forth. Plus, there is a lot more you can do with decor and colors with a curtain, than a glass door that gets grimy and has be be cleaned often.

Inventory Supplies

One quick and easy way to keep your bathroom closet or cabinet more organized is to regularly bathroom towelsinventory the supplies and get rid of old items, such as:

  • near empty lotion bottles
  • the stash of hotel shampoo you’ve collected and never used
  • Old and ratty wash clothes and towels that can be moved to the rag bag
  • Assorted bottles of cleaner
  • Old sponges or scrub brushes

Organize Bathroom Accessories

Jars, bottles, baskets, boxes….You name it, in can be used to organize any area of your house.

organizing a small bathroom

Bathroom Vanities

Here is an area where you can really save space. Rounded bathroom vanities are great for small spaces. Less sharp corners to bump into and it provides more room.

Kids’ Toysrubber ducks

Limit the amount of bath time toys to what will fit in ONE basket. Keep the basket in the tub or shower behind the curtain and out of the way. Don’t forget to rinse and clean the toys often.


Humidity can be more of an issue in smaller bathrooms. Paint is always preferable to wall paper in this situation. Run the fan for at least 30 minutes after a shower and buy high quality (Turkish) towels that are thinner and will dry quicker.

Use Large Scale Patterns

Big stripes on the walls, rugs or shower curtain can trick the eye into seeing a bigger space.

Get a Big Mirror

A mirror that covers the length of the wall, or at least extends past the sink serves at two purposes:

  1. Big mirrors make the room look bigger.
  2. Two people can use the mirror at once.

Share your ideas for small bathrooms. We’d love to see your pictures.

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