Feeling Cramped? Tips to Maximize Apartment Space

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Feeling Cramped?  These Tips to Maximize Apartment Space will help create a more livable space!

“No matter the square footage, it really comes down to being smart about storage and making your space as efficient as possible.”  These tried-and-true tips from Apartment Therapy could be just what you need!

Try a room divider.  In a small space such as a studio apartment, separate the living area from your sleep area with shelving or a bookcase.  Not only is it functional, organizes clutter and offers privacy but also lets light shine through.  This is a great option as it visually divides a space into usable areas.

Find extra storage space by going vertical.  Look for space above your cabinets and doors where you can add a shelf or two.  Take advantage of space inside closet and cupboard doors by adding simple hooks for bags or purses.

Conceal items with clever storage solutions.  
This goes hand in hand with de-cluttering.  Being able to see ALL your stuff can make your space feel even smaller. Some great solutions available are as storage beds, footstool cubes with covers, baskets with tops and stackable decorative boxes. Try hanging a curtain in front of a bookcase to add visual interest and to conceal over-stuffed shelves.


Want to see EVEN MORE TIPS to Maximize Apartment Space?

What tried-and-true ideas have worked for you?  Share your photos!

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